HH Advanced Sintered Front Brake Pads (Set)

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  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Galfer
  • Style: 1370
  • Material: Sintered
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  • SKU: 0118-FD3251370-CL
  • Sport Type: Cruiser
  • QTY: 2 Sets
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FD325G1370-2
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front
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Composed of sinterized metal. Powerful and progressive brake. Without fade effect. Low or null level of noise. Minimum loss of efficiency when wet. Low wearing down on the disc. Not aggressive on the disc brake. The compound also features ceramic composites in its mix, which help to dissipate heat. This gives you a cooler running system that will be able to withstand more heating cycles and deliver consistent braking. Developed with the most difficult conditions in mind (Mud, Dust, Humidity). Good initial bite, great lasting power. Intended for FRONT applications.
HH Advanced Sintered Front Brake Pads (Set)
HH Advanced Sintered Front Brake Pads (Set)HH Advanced Sintered Front Brake Pads (Set)