Icon One Thousand Rimfire Gloves

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The Rimfire represents the boldest blend of old-world styling, top-shelf materials, and cutting edge technology. The Gunn cut pattern imbues the Rimfire with a sophisticated silhouette of years gone by. Though sharing a similar look, function is significantly improved over its predecessors by integrating pre-tensioned elastic in the upper metacarpal region to reduce bunching. Further enhancing the Rimfires appeal is it's chassis material. Constructed of Drum dyed French cowhide, the Rimfire understands the meaning of functional elegance. Integrated into every Rimfire glove is a D3O insert hidden inside the floating knuckle construction. If you've searched for real riding gloves that capture the fortitude and grace of a more civilized era, the Rimfire will be happy to oblige.
Icon One Thousand Rimfire Gloves
Icon One Thousand Rimfire GlovesIcon One Thousand Rimfire GlovesIcon One Thousand Rimfire Gloves