Memphis Shades Windshield Kare Kit Cleaner/Polish

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Memphis Shades
  • Style: Windshield Kare Kit
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  • SKU: 113-MEM0924
  • QTY: Each
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MEM0924
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  • Handy complete kit for windshield care and cleaning in a zippered vinyl pouch for convenient on-bike storage
  • Contains palm-size 2 oz. net wt. bottle of All Kleer with a valve that flicks open with your thumb, and folds over to seal off for leakproof storage
  • All Kleer is a bug remover, cleaner and polish that "leaves a super slick sheen that's easy to clean"
  • Once applied, the miracle finish left by All Kleer inhibits fogging and repels rain, dust and dirt to help improve visibility, leaving nothing but the shine; you can really see and feel the difference
  • Contains no ammonia or abrasives
  • Originally designed for aircraft windshields and canopies
  • Kit contains two polish cloths; one for applying and one for polishing (after it dries)
  • Replacement bottles of windshield cleaner/polish are also available separately
  • Sold each
  • PART #3713-0038 is a P.O.P. display containing 12 bottles; sold to consumer as each
Memphis Shades Windshield Kare Kit Cleaner/Polish