Electrosport Industries Stator

  • Condition: New Other
  • Brand: Electrosport Industries
  • Notes: new other
  • Make: Honda
  • Fit Years: 1985-1986
  • Fit Models: Goldwing 1200 GL1200
  • Fit Notes: Fuel Injection Only
  • Photo: Actual
  • SKU: 0719-ESG165-CL
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ESG165
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  • AK HI PR GU $80.00
  • ESG165 is a high quality stator that replaces the OEM stator in the Honda GL1200 Goldwing fuel injected models.
  • ElectroSport manufactures ESG165 using a modern core made of a material that is magnetically very conductive.
  • We install the highest grade copper wire for the windings using computer controlled winding machines which optimizes winding quality.
  • The winding has been reconfigured compared to stock and together with the much higher efficiency of the wire and core combination you can expect to see about a 20% increase in output compared to stock.
  • We install very high grade lead wires on these stators that are heat tolerant and abrasion resistant.
  • This stator comes with a seal plug and connector installed making it a plug in replacement.
  • ESG165 offers superior performance and reliability compared to the stock stator it replaces.
Electrosport Industries Stator
Electrosport Industries StatorElectrosport Industries StatorElectrosport Industries Stator